Crowd uses Wordpress and a few extra tools to deliver bespoke content management experiences that help guide content editors through content administration. Our clients benefit from Wordpress’ huge ecosystem which allows us to develop solutions that offer good value for money and a great return on investment.

For us, going with Wordpress allows us to spend a greater proportion of your budget delivering fantastic interactive communications pieces verses other content management systems.

Wordpress is prolific in nature, running 27% of the internet and represents 50-60% of global CMS market share.

Making Content Management Easy

For us, it isn’t enough to just deliver fantastic experiences for your users – your new website should be easy to content manage as well. Crowd takes a unique approach to structuring Wordpress content administration which we call “flexible content”.

Imagine a restaurant where you can design your own afternoon tea menu with a chef who’ll make you whatever you want. In this analogy, Crowd is a chef who can prepare any delight you can imagine. When you arrive with your party, you can pick and choose your delights off of the menu you created earlier.

Flexible content editor

The screenshot above demonstrates a bespoke Two Column Row flexible content component we developed. With this solution our client was able to pick their preferred components for their business case. In this instance they opted for a two column layout using a testimonial slider on the left and a carousel on the right in order to sell the destination.

Multilingual Content Management

Crowd like to take a straight forward approach to multilingual content management which we find makes initial content entry and ongoing management much simpler for our clients.

Rather than force content administrators through a myriad of menus to update different versions of content, we prefer to duplicate the system for each language.

If a website supports English GB (by default), Arabic, and US regions, we’ll deliver a solution that’s administrated across multiple urls, e.g: (English GB by default), (Arabic), and (English US). This gives our clients flexibility, allowing them to have entirely different content for each region.

Really good WYSIWYG

Wordpress has a really good What You See Is What You Get editor, which ensures content editing is robust, comprehensive, and as easy as possible.

Wordpress provides a simple interface for managing heading and paragraph styles, alignment, lists, block quotes, links, paste-from-word, and media functionality. This comprehensive and robust interface also allows editors to take a peak behind the UI and look at the actual code being produced – for the more technically inclined.