Crowd focuses on being able to deliver a full set of integrated digital services for our clients. This means we take time to ensure we’re delivering search and social media optimised experiences “out of the box”.

Open Graph

All of Crowd’s websites come with Open Graph integration. This means social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus can pull in extra information when your website is linked to.

Open Graph Customisation

Yoast's Interface

For convenience, we setup Open Graph to share the same content across all of the networks for each individual page. We also use Yoast, which allows content editors to adjust the content that’s delivered to each network on a network by network basis.

Ad Remarketing with Facebook’s Pixel

We don’t just rely on Google Analytics to tell you information about your websites visitors. Using Facebook’s Pixel allows you to be in control of who your adverts are shown to and be effective in your spending.


Organization schema is used to tell search engines which social accounts belong to the domain and will propagate the Knowledge Panel of Google’s search engine results (see below), but be aware it may take several months for the information to present:

Google Info

Although Yoast has the ability to add this information, its schema is often not picked up by Google's bot and therefore using the below example is preferable. It can be inserted as a snippet directly into the source code of the footer.php, put directly above the closing </body> tag.