We pride ourselves on shipping solutions that work and supporting our clients throughout the entire process

As a development team we take time to ensure:

  • we test functionality as it’s developed, not after.
  • content can be entered as expected.
  • our solutions work across the browsers we agree to support and test against.

Unlike most agencies, Crowd often takes on some responsibility for content entry, even if it’s just in the first instance. This allows production staff to identify and resolve bugs and user experience issues before they reach the client.

It’s our attention to quality and client service that keeps our clients coming back for more.

Browser Testing

We use Browser Stack to give us access to most market leading devices. By default we support evergreen browsers, which means we test on a variety of iOS and Android devices that ship with self-updating web browsers, along with the usual desktop characters.

Most of the testing we conduct is technically classed as Exploratory Testing, which we feel offers good value for money. This approach works for us because the vast majority of our projects don’t have written requirements nor a documented specification. Naturally, where appropriate a more considered approach is taken.

Helping our clients through it all

We’re on hand throughout the later stages of build to iron out any lingering issues the client may be having with content entry. Most often these are user experience bugs where direction in the CMS wasn’t clear. Occasionally additional support is required through the form of a CMS guide or friendly phone call.