Managing third party code with NPM

Managing third party code with NPM Masthead

We use NPM to manage the third party dependencies that are used by our automated workflow which is run with gulp. Node Package Manager is bundled with Node (the server-side JavaScript application) and is used to manage the inclusion and use of third party packages in applications.


Node is best installed using Homebrew with the recipe brew install node. It can also be downloaded and installed like any other Mac OSX application from the Node website.


NPM is run from Terminal and packages can be found on the NPM registry. You can view a full list of commands by typing npm -h, but the most common are:

  • npm install when you want to install all modules defined by the local package.json file.

  • npm init when you want to create a new package.json file.

  • npm install module-name --save-dev where module-name is the name of the module you want to install and --save-dev when you want to record it as a development dependency on the package.json.

  • npm install git@... where git@ is the URL to a git repository

  • npm install -g ... where you want to install a node module globally so it can be accessed on the local path.

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