Automate all the things!

Automate all the things! Masthead

The developers at Crowd currently use Gulp as their go-to “task runner”. We use it to do things like minify and bundle JavaScript, process SASS, compress theme images, and organise fonts.

Our gulpfile.js

We have a gulpfile.js in the root of very project that has an automated workflow. Usually we only use Gulp to do a handful of automated and repetitive tasks, which makes our gulpfiles easy to read. It’s always worth having a look at the gulpfile.js in a project as it’ll tell you everything you need to know about the automation that’s present in the build.

By default we have our own gulpfile.js and corresponding package.json up on BitBucket. The team at Crowd tends to use this simple but fairly fully featured file as a starting point for projects.

Be part of the Crowd

We're always on the lookout for talent, and currently have offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, and China.

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