NPM for node modules and Bower for browser-facing ones

NPM for node modules and Bower for browser-facing ones Masthead

Where we use NPM for managing Node Modules, we use Bower for managing browser-facing dependencies. Bower is very similar to NPM but instead of using a package.json file to specify dependencies it uses bower.json.

We use Bower to manage third party browser-facing dependencies. This means libraries like jQuery, GSAP, and even our own Crowd Libraries.

Installation and Usage

Bower is built ontop of NPM and needs to be installed globally with npm install -g bower. From there you can use bower just like you would NPM:

  • bower install package-name --save to install package-name from the Bower registry and save it to the bower.json

  • bower init to create a bower.json file.

  • bower install git@... to install a bower pacakge straight from a git repository.

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