Let it be said: All code must be in BitBucket lest it not exist

Let it be said: All code must be in BitBucket lest it not exist Masthead

The development team at Crowd uses BitBucket to centralise code storage and management. Let it be said here: all code produced at Crowd should be present in BitBucket otherwise it does not exist.


When you join the Crowd BitBucket you join the thisiscrowd team. All repositories created in this team should be marked as private unless otherwise agreed as we don’t release code publicly by default.

We use the “projects” feature to group repositories by client. This organisation loosely reflects the organisation of our “Clients” folder on Google Drive. Inside each project are the relevant repos for that client.

Getting Git

Most of the team prefer to use git in terminal. It’s best installed by HomeBrew, but you can use the Xcode version as well. If you’d prefer a GUI client then Git Kraken is pretty good, as is Source Tree.

Approach to Git

The team tends to use a simplified version of this reference for its branching model.

Often repos will just have a master and develop branch with feature branches off of develop as they’re required. Larger projects/projects with a lot of ongoing work may benefit from further supporting branches as discussed in the reference.

Be part of the Crowd

We're always on the lookout for talent, and currently have offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, and China.

If you fancy being a part of a global multicultural development team that strives to do the best work possible, email us at results@thisiscrowd.com