At Crowd, we really like using Timber in our Wordpress builds. However, Timber does change WordPress development in many ways, introducing a new file type and templating language. As we’ve learnt Timber and introduced it into our preferred workflow, we’ve picked up some ways that we like to do things and created a ‘base-build’ to help kick-off new builds.


Crowd Library

The developers at Crowd are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and finding new and improved ways to do things. Keep an eye on the Crowd library to see what the other teams are up to.


Advanced Custom Fields

We love ACF because it makes creating intuitive CMS experiences quick and easy.


Making Our Developers Happy

We pride ourselves on having happy developers who love the tools they use and having the opportunity to do great work for great clients. Here are a few things that make Crowd a special place for developers to work.

Our Favourite Conferences

We love going to conferences at Crowd and mixing with other industry people.


Project Ownership

We believe in project ownership — how you tackle projects is up to you.


Collaborative Culture

We’re proud to have a collaborative culture at Crowd and it’s been a foundation of our success.


Our Approach To

We use a lot of technologies and techniques at Crowd. Here is an overview of the ones we think are most important.


Javascript is a massive part of modern web development, to make sure we produce the best possible work using the latest and greatest techniques and technologies there are certain ways we like to write our JS code. These patterns and practices make sure we keep our code: lean, performative and expressive so it’s easy to read, use and extend for all of our team.



SASS doesn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to writing CSS, but it does provide some really great tools to split up our styling code into bite-sized manageable chunks. However, splitting our styles into multiple files (partials) on it’s own doesn’t make things easy to find. That’s why we like to setup a particular folder structure, so we know where to look for a particular piece of code.


SVG Production

We use SVG for many things, including page transitions and animated infographics.



We make extensive use of HTML5 in all of our builds, doing our best to instil semantic value into the layouts we write.



We use three types of environment to facilitate development work at Crowd.


Website Deployments

We ship a lot of websites at Crowd and do even more deployments.


Quality Assurance

We ship solutions that work and support our clients throughout the entire production process.


Workflow & Tooling

Crowd excels at delivering sophisticated front-end-heavy experiences. Here are some of the tools and workflows we use to help us do just that.

Bitbucket + Git

Bitbucket and Git are at the heart of everything we do.



We use NPM to manage our node dependencies that are used by our automated Front End workflow.



We use Bower to manage our browser-facing dependencies. Libraries like jQuery, GSAP, and our Crowd Libraries should be managed with Bower.



We use Gulp to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible while also improving the organisation of source code in our repositories.


Be part of the Crowd

We're always on the lookout for talent, and currently have offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, and China.

If you fancy being a part of a global multicultural development team that strives to do the best work possible, email us at