We love our designers and they love us too

The production teams at Crowd have quite a special relationship with each other that has been at the foundation of Crowd’s success. The development and design teams work very closely with each other to better deliverables rather than merely compromise on them.

At Crowd we are employed to lead clients to digital success.

Better than a concept

As web developers we have a responsibility to secure the time to provide consultation in the early stages of projects. It’s important that we’re available to answer questions and make poignant suggestions right at the very beginning of a project where the direction is getting set out.

When we’re developing websites at Crowd we actively try to improve on the concept. It’s our job to breathe life into a static concept and use tools like animation to enhance user experience. Our most successful projects have been where our designer(s) and developer(s) have worked to develop a shared vision of the experience — not just the concept.

Learn every day

The web industry is one of the fastest moving industries around. Technologies and techniques get widely adopted and then ditched in the space of a couple of years — if not months.

The team at Crowd is learning new things every day. It’s not always ground breaking, but eventually it all adds up. Share what you learn — everyone is better for it.

Help others and ask for help when you need it

No one is going to look down on you for asking for help at Crowd. We believe that helping each other makes everyone better at their jobs and makes the company stronger. Ask for help when you need it and help others when they ask you.