What we can do with Google Maps

Google Maps is Crowd’s go-to interactive mapping solution because it pairs excellent data with a brilliant set of development tools. We’re able to deliver advanced functionality quickly and easily using the API, and regularly deliver visually bespoke maps, data integration, and places (amenities) information.

Visually Distinct

Visually distinct Crowd Google Map

The map on the Crowd website changes colour based on office location

We feel it’s important for our clients to have maps that fit their branding and look congruous with the rest of their digital experiences, which is why we take extra time and attention to visually tune map aesthetics to each use case.

Data Integration

Greaves India Map

Greaves of India use the Directions API to indicate journeys in their interactive itinerary map

Google maps has a whole host of features that are at our finger tips, but are rarely used by most of the industry. We set out to find novel and effective uses for these features, with a view to improving a user’s experience.

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