Our Platforms

The team at Crowd has experience delivering digital services across a broad variety of market leading development platforms.


Wordpress is Crowd’s recommended content management system for client’s who’re are looking for digital services and don’t have to work within a pre-selected platform.



The team at Crowd have experience extending existing Drupal solutions — performing common integrations, providing consultation, and supporting clients who’re looking to better their Drupal websites.

Umbraco 7

Crowd provide consultation services for clients looking for help with Umbraco 7 builds. We’ve previously delivered full functional specifications along with comprehensive digital strategy and creative services for clients looking to undertake large scale Umbraco projects.


We have experience helping clients define and execute comprehensive digital strategies using the Episerver platform. We’re able to offer practical advice and guidance when it comes to using Episerver to deliver effective, multilingual web experiences.


We help our clients manage, develop, and optimise their Magento solutions. We also provide a full range of integrated digital services to ensure your eCommerce website is working as hard for the business as it can be.

Our Approach

Crowd approach every project with the mantra “Do Excellent Work”. We always strive to over deliver, but here are some of the things we do that are special.

CMS Guides

At Crowd we feel it isn’t always enough to just deliver a great bespoke content management experience. We offer CMS guide services supported by online training, so you get a bespoke guide for your bespoke system.


The launch is just the start

In a fast moving digital world, our industry is changing at the same speed as your customers expectations. It’s vital that you can find a partner that will help guide you through the right technology at the correct time.


Browser Support

Crowd deliver solutions that work across evergreen browsers on mobile devices to desktop computers (that’s most of them).


Performance & Security

Crowd don’t just deliver great looking websites, performance and security are high on our priority list as well.


Crowd take a “fast everywhere” stance when it comes to website experiences. We distribute media globally using Content Distribution Networks, ensuring images, video, and other media are served from the best geographic location possible.


For websites that aren’t on infrastructure that has its own layers of security, Crowd’s go-to Wordpress hardening solution is Wordfence, which brings enterprise-level security and monitoring to Wordpress solutions.

Common Integrations

There are some requests that come up time and time again at Crowd. Here are some of the common integration requests we have quick and easy solutions for.

Social Media

Social media is a priority for our clients at Crowd, so it has always been essential that the development team at Crowd have been able to deliver robust social media integrations.


Yoast for SEO

SEO is a consideration in every project Crowd take on. Our go-to solution is Yoast, which helps our clients write SEO-friendly content through an easy to understand traffic light approach.


Crowd are easily able to integrate Mailchimp signup forms into any Wordpress project, ensuring your website is working for your business.

Google Maps

The team at Crowd deliver customised Google Maps solutions for almost every client, whether aesthetic or informational.


Can we help?

Get in touch with the team at Crowd and we'll help you knock your project out of the park. results@thisiscrowd.com