We take pleasure in being able to support our clients through the whole process of creating a website, from project definition to launch (and that’s just the beginning).

Part of this level of service is achieved through bespoke Content Management System guides. While the CMS experiences we deliver do help and guide content editors as much as possible, there are times a thorough guide is required. A guide can be an invaluable resource if you need to train staff, rapidly growing a team, or simply like having a paper reference.

Written for anyone

We believe that content editing and management should be as easy as following a recipe. We write our guides in plain language that anyone can understand.

We also know that these guides are working documents and are used as references. We signpost each section with a visual example of the item on the website and a visual guide to editing that item in the CMS.

Our guides also contain details on key areas of the CMS. We’ll write comprehensive instructions for things like adding a blog post; including formatting content with the WYSIWYG editor, adding optimised media, and ensuring posts display optimally on social media.

You aren’t on your own

We don’t just produce comprehensive and detailed guides and then leave you to it. We’re always on hand to answer questions and extend guides if required. We’re also able to conduct online and in-person training sessions alongside the guide as a supporting service.

Contact results@thisiscrowd.com to request a full typical example of one of our bespoke CMS guides.